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The history of the Europejski Hotel ***, located on the street Lubicz, beginning in the late nineteenth century.
In the mid-nineteenth century great-grandfather, Dr. John Casimir Lubicz Lapinski, a specialist in building fortifications the emperor of Austria, arrived in Krakow.

Begginings in 1882

In 1882 he had done and approved projects, and began to build his hotel, which was completed in 1884. Hotel in Krakow, had three storeys. On the first floor housed the non-affluent clientele. This is evidenced by decorative portals on the facade of the building. The second floor was intended for the service. The hotel consisted not only of a sleeping area. He also had a restaurant to which was added in subsequent years a theater and ballroom, and a carriage house. The hotel was a place of fun and socializing and visiting Krakow.

History since 1952

In the years 1979-1991 Hotel was used by the Municipal hotel Wawel Tourist. 23 May 1991 Hotel returns to the rightful owners, who include the hotel in ruins (the devastation of forensic experts evaluated at 6 billion old zlotys). There was a lack of walls, pipes, basic equipment, a leaky roof required immediate repairs. Entrance was from the Radziwiłłowska street. With 54 rooms, only 10 were fit to rent.
The new owner of the hotel has created a program based on a dynamic CASH-FLOW. It consisted in the fact that the money obtained from the 10 rooms are suitable for sale were earmarked for the renovation of the next, and that this would make a profit on another.

Hotel Today

Today the hotel has 87 beds in 41 rooms, spa & wellness, restaurant, cafe, pub, magic garden, a ballroom, conference rooms, secure parking. We organize weddings, proms, first communions, etc.
Lady Maria Kazimiera Odrowąż Łapińska the barons Istfaldii Rewicka used to say:
"In a good hotel, a guests always gets what they want. In very good hotel they get it without having to ask"

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